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Wet Bar

People have been drinking socially for a long time. But sometimes heading off to the local pub for happy hour seems like too much trouble. That’s why the wet bar was invented. A wet bar is a small bar or counter, used for mixing alcoholic drinks, that includes a sink with running water. The wet bar is a step up from a liquor cabinet in that it offers a minimalist version of a full bar. Most wet bars will include liquor, mixers, a mixing glass, bar tools such as a bottle opener, corkscrew and paring knife, as well as an assortment of high and low ball, martini and shot glasses. More advanced versions might contain blenders, refrigerators and quick-pour spouts for liquor bottles.

Wet bars come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Sometimes wet bars are built into nooks in a room and other times they are constructed to the size of small pub bar. Materials often are stainless steel, wood or tile.

The most common place for a wet bar is in the home. Many suburban track home projects are designed with a modest wet bar in the living room or den. Many hotel rooms will come with some type of wet bar, usually with a refrigerator with high-priced mini-bottles of liquor. Even the president of the United States has a wet bar in the White House.

Wet bars are found in homes for entertainment purposes. A finished basement is a typical location for a wet bar. Wet bars are relatively simple to build, and, thus, many homeowners have turned the wet bar into a do-it-yourself project.

Luxe Catering moves the wet bar to a specific place, chosen by you, creating the same comfort feeling, like the one at a real wet bar.